On Good Friday We Drink Wine

Happy Good Friday aka the day Jesus got nailed to a piece of wood and died in front of an onlooking crowd in the middle of a desert without any clothes on at Calvary. Good Friday? More like Damn That Sucks Friday.

Now I’m not much of a religious person but I do think history is dope. So I tend to look at Jesus and the Bible and other non white people religions in a historic sense instead of an “I devote my life to be a mythical persons servant” type way.

What I’ve learned looking at it that way was that wine is good shit. Wine is the OG booze nectar. I’ve been saying since I first saw Gladiator that if I could go back in time to anyway day and age I’d head to Ancient Rome to booze some wine and place bets on Gladiator fights. That’s just me. I’m a simple man. I like butter in my ass and a lollipop in my mouth.

so in respects to Jesus and Russell Crowe I drink wine come holy holidays. The hangover is overpowering, the headache is threatening, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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