You’re In A Bars Bathroom And All The Urinals Are Being Used So You Piss In The Stall, Do You Shut The Door?


(This blog is for dudes) (dudes with dicks) (chicks can read it too but it doesn’t really apply to chicks) (unless the chicks got a dick) (and uses the dudes bathroom)

So I was in my local American Irish pub the other today and I had to urinate pretty horridly. Decided to head on over to the restroom to drop trou and piss out the old member of mine.

Three urinals and two toilets. All urinals being used. A dude taking a shit in one of the toilet stalls. One stall empty. I entered.

It was at that point that I was struck with this tough mental conundrum, should I shut the stall door? Is that what you’re supposed to do? What are the rules?

If I was taking a dump then yea obviously I shut the door. Don’t want some poor shmuck walking in on me shitting out the night’s buffalo wings and bud heavies. But I was only taking a piss.

Now, there’s some arguments for both sides.

SHUT THE DOOR: Nobody will walk in on you. Let people know the stall’s occupied. Maybe you have a red bump on your shaft you need checking out. All valid arguments.

LEAVE IT OPEN: It’s only a piss. You don’t shut the door when you take a piss in your house. What are you, a fairy? You got a small dick you’re embarrassed of? Only way to prove that isn’t true is to piss with the door open like a man do.

If I see a stall door closed and a dude’s feet are pointed toward the toilet, that dude’s a pussy. Doors only close for number dueces.

Although, what if there’s a line of people looking to relieve themselves? You don’t want one after another walking up behind you cuz the door’s open only to be like “oh fuck my bad” and walk back into line.

I asked White Kid and he said this:


Drugs are a good point. Drugs are tight.

I still don’t know what side of the issue I lie with.

To the loyal 2 boozie readers (and non-loyal ones too) comment what your thoughts are. We haven’t got a comment yet and I’d be mighty embarrased if this question goes un-commented upon.

Til next time, Buddy Dwyer


  1. Ok. So here is a question. You go to the bathroom to rub one out as we all have had to do more than once. You wouldn’t do that at the urinal would you? Should you shut the stall door? If you see a guy standing there with his toes facing the toilet he may not be peeing.


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