Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/28/18): “Open Wide” By Calvin Harris Feat. Big Sean

“Open Wide” is a song by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris off of his 2014 album Motion. The song features rapper Big Sean, and the combination of rap and EDM is an odd yet great one. A definite party song, it’s easily my favorite song about demanding a blowjob. I hear this song playing in bars a lot, and the drop always makes me start dancing like the drunk white kid that I am. Calvin Harris sneakily might be in the best position as far as music goes. The guy releases bangers like this and travels the globe playing sets in packed clubs, banging smokes and collecting bags of cash in the process. I’m happy to hear he finally dumped that cancer named Taylor Swift because the guy can do a lot better than that. Atleast Taylor lucked out in the breakup though, because now she can complain about Calvin in every song for her next 2 albums atleast. A little word of advice I’ll give you guys is that using the lyrics from this song isn’t exactly the best pick up line. Surprisingly, walking up to a random girl in the bar and saying, “Now open that shit wide, let me see how big your mouth is” is a good way to get a drink thrown in your face. Trust me, I’ve tried. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take though, so until I find something else I’m gonna continue using this method until I strike gold and get my dick sucked in a bathroom stall.

Favorite Lyric(s)

Lookin’ at your last text,
Damn did you even really mean it?,
Did you even look through it, did you even read it?,
I been breakin’ up with girls since I was 15,
It’s the only thing that hasn’t got easier,
A rubber is the only thing that ever came between us,

When you see me standing on the couches,
Turnin’ clubs into houses,
Water to champagne fountains,
Turn flat chests into mountains,
And ooh I love that ass,
But I hate that fucking outfit,
I’m taking off her blouses,
While she take off my trousers,
That’s just a couple more problems,
To add to the couples’ counselin’,
Open that shit wide,
Let me see how big your mouth is

Goin’ hard ’til I OD,
I’m the newest version of the old me,
All my exes are old me,
Wishin’ they could X and O me,

Bartender, I call the shots,
We call for shots, y’all call the cops,
Sometimes drinks speak louder than words do,
Body language speaks louder than verbal


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