Netflix Recommendation Of The Week: Game Over, Man!


Welcoem to the new addition to your week, The Netflix recommendation from yours truly.

This is a think piece I’ma write every here and now, the lords day every week, aka Sunday, regarding Netflix and which what I recommend.

This week’s recommendation: Game Over, Man!

Listen. This is a Netflix movie. An original Netflix movie. So yea, it’s not a classic as such as Citizen Kane or When Harry Met Sally, but it’s a god damn fun movie none the less. (Note: Weed recommended.)

It’s written by Anders Holm (Ders in Workaholics) and stars the Workaholic trio. They all pretty much play the same characters as they do on the show, well I mean Blake plays a closeted gay dude and Ders plays a Salvia-head and Adam plays a big swingin dick drug dealer but as a testiment to their lack of acting range, they all literally play the same characters that they play in everything they’ve ever been in. Also it’s directed by Kyle Newacheck, who you don’t know, he’s the homeless dude Karl from Workaholics, so it’s a family movie. They keep their crew close and I fuck with that.

The movie is basically if the workaholics three played the John McClane role in Die Hard with a little bit of Borat swingin dick fights (oh yes, they hang A LOT of dong, big fan) and some Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil death scenes. It’s a whole lot of fun.

Basically it’s a movie to watched baked on your couch at night when you just want to put on a stupid action comedy, and it shouldn’t disappoint. Again, it is what it is, don’t go into it with a Pineapple Express mindset. It’s a bad movie, that I thoroughly fucking enjoyed.

Til Next week, fukc cable.


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