Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/19/18): “Most Of The Time” By Turnover

“Most Of The Time” is song by the band Turnover from their 2013 debut album Magnolia. Turnover used to have a lot more of a pop-punk/emo sound (like this song), but but they’ve developed much more a dream pop sound nowadays. Like most pop-punk songs, it features catchy guitar chords and drums with lyrics about feeling lost and whatnot. It’s your stereotypical pop-punk song and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Even if pop-punk isn’t really your thing, I suggest checking these guys out since their sound has changed a lot and their sophomore album peripheral Vision (2015) is insanely good.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“I’m still caught up in all the things I know I’ll never be”

“You won’t find me, because I don’t know where I am myself you see, I’ve been waiting for so long and hoping that I’d see, a sign to point me in the right direction, where I am the signs have been torn down, no I won’t be found”

“Running in circles and falling in holes, on the way to where I’m trying to go, most of the time when I think there’s an end, I come to find out that it’s not even close”

Shuffle Song Of The Day Spotify playlist


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