Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/18/18): “A Better Sun” By Sorority Noise

“A Better Sun” is song by the emo/indie Hartford rock band Sorority Noise off of their 2017 album, “You’re Not As _______ As You Think”. Sorority Noise is major driving force behind the revitalization of emo music, and their songs typically involve very upbeat things like drug use and alienation. This song in particular uses a lot of repetition to talk about lead singer Cameron Boucher’s drug addiction. The original version is great (top video), but they recently released a rearranged version (second video) that makes the song’s lyrics even deeper. It sounds like something that would play during a movie when a junkie is trying to quit drugs but just can’t do it. I read a funny comment one time online that said, “Sorority Noise makes music for kids that chain-smoke cigarettes and steal painkillers from their grandmother’s medicine cabinet”, and honestly that’s a pretty fair assessment of the band and their fan base. Even though I don’t chain-smoke cigarettes, and I also have the decency to just ask my grandma for some of her perc 30’s, I’m a big fan of this band’s sound and suggest checking them out.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“This is the part where I remember, all of the things I should forget, This is the part where I embrace all the good and the bad thoughts existing in my head”

“This is the part where I am proper, this is the part where I’m just another face, this is the part where I’m a marathon runner and both of my ankles are sprained”

“This is the part where I’m in Heaven, this is the part where I ascend, this is the part where I did cocaine to impress every one of my mouth breathing friends”

“This is the part where I’m empty, this is the part where it hurts, this is the part where I explode and destroy everything on this God given earth”

Link To Shuffle Songs Of The Day Spotify playlist

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