Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/17/18): “Like Water” By Pro Era

“Like Water” is a song off of PEEP:The aProcalypse, a mixtape released in 2012 by New York hip hop collective Pro Era. Joey Bada$$ released his solo debut mixtape called 1999 in June of 2012, and Pro Era was quickly becoming a household name in New York’s underground rap scene. PEEP:The aProcalypse, Pro Era’s first official mixtape, then dropped later that year in December. Sadly just 2 days after the release, founding member Capital STEEZ committed suicide by jumping off of a building in NYC at the age of 19. Before jumping, he tweeted out “The end”, and the tweet is still on Twitter and gives me chills anytime it shows up on my timeline. This song features 3 Pro Era members (Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$, and CJ Fly), with STEEZ going first, likely one of the last things he ever recorded. The beat is dope, and is a reminder that sometimes the simpler the better. All this shitty mumble rap nowadays is all studio and no lyrics, and a simple beat with good rhymes is better than that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Sucks the world had to lose a talented guy like Capital STEEZ at such a young age, especially when he was one of the few people capable of saving rap. Atleast we still have his friend Joey around to keep real rap alive. #LongLiveSteelo

Favorite Lyric(s)

“And I quote, we came like them niggas in boats, still think it’s a joke?, your third eye vision is broke”

“You’ll catch me floating on the four leaf clover, that’s a pot of gold so we sonnin’ em like Maury Povich”

“Through third eye codes, your third eye closed, if Steve Jobs made you purchase your third iPhone”

“All seeing eyes know what I mean, but 33 degrees can’t make us freeze”

“I’m still a bastard kid with blackened lips, I’m still a pacifist, but if you ask for it then I can pass a fist”

“I be stoned, so mary jane is like Medusa”


Link to “Shuffle Song Of The Day” Spotify playlist


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