Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/16/18): “Garden Grove” by Sublime

“Garden Grove” is a song off of Sublime’s self-titled third and final album Sublime, released in 1996. Weeks after the band finished recording the album, and only a week after getting married, lead singer Bradley Nowell died of a heroin overdose while on tour in San Francisco, bringing with it the end of Sublime. The album came out 2 months after his death, and it makes a lot of the album’s lyrics kinda fucked up because there’s a lot of drug talk. Like most Sublime songs, this song makes you want to smoke a joint on a beach somewhere and not give a shit about anything. Sublime had a weird way of making these catchy, upbeat songs that actually have really depressing lyrics, this being a great example. The entire third verse is about how drugs destroy your life, but they somehow found a way to make the vibe of the song seem happy. The lesson to learn from this song and Bradley’s death is to never touch heroin. Basically every other drug is okay in my book, but heroin can fuck right off.

Favorite Lyric(s)

It’s you,
It’s that shit stuck under my shoe,
It’s that smell inside the van,
It’s my bed sheet covered with sand,
Sitting through a shitty band,
Getting dog shit on my hands,
Getting hassled by the man,
Waking up to an alarm,
Sticking needles in your arm,
Picking up trash on a freeway,
Feeling depressed everyday,
Leaving without making a sound,
Picking my dog up at the pound,
Living in a tweaker pad,
Getting yelled at by my dad,
Saying I’m happy when I’m not,
Finding roaches in the pot,
All these things I do,
They’re waiting for you

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