Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/15/18): “The Saga” By Cormega

“The Saga” is a song by Cormega off of his 2001 debut album The Realness. He also released a remixed version of this song in 2004, which I also posted and honestly think is better than the original (Second Video). Although his debut album didn’t come until 2001, Cormega had already made a name for himself in the 90’s NY rap scene. He was good friends with Nas, and actually receives a shoutout on Nas’s song “One Love” from Illmatic. In addition to this, he was also a member of The Firm, a rap supergroup that I blogged about a few days ago as the shuffle song of the day. Cormega is a criminally underrated rapper, and if it wasn’t for legal trouble and strayed friendships at bad times, he would be a much bigger name than he is now. A contract dispute led to him being kicked out of The Firm and replaced with Nature, which put an end to his friendship with Nas. The two beefed for years releasing subtle jabs at eachother, the most famous being Nas’s “Destroy and Rebuild” from his album Stillmatic. Nowadays the two have put their feud behind them, and Cormega has actually performed alongside Nas and the rest of The Firm during a few reunion concerts. Highly recommend checking out Cormega if you haven’t, the guy has a lot of slept on songs that remind you how great rap once was.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“Life is an interlude to death son, you ever thought about that?”

“The saga begins, I’m a reflection of the drama within, the ghetto I live in, niggas moms on crack, pops just disappeared, the first time you got locked up who really cared?”

“At times I wonder are we going straight to Hell, or does God understand we’re trying to make it as well”

“My sleep is interrupted by food on the stove, not gunshots we immune to those”

“Some of my friends first bids are 2 to 4’s, others are on the run with huge rewards, mothers watch sons walk through the doors, for the last time till they go view at the morgue”

“Life is deep, we all just trying to eat, raps a mental narcotic I supply the street”

“Look at my life: You see white coke and black roses, and tears shed for past soldiers, we all walk in a path chosen, from the cradle til’ the caskets lowered”

“I still got the black ski mask to throw on, but I could get richer off the tracks I flow on, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hustling no more, look at my life”

Life aint fair, shorty pregnant with nowhere to live, sleeping in a crackhouse, cuz she don’t have no relatives”

“I paint a picture vividly, as if Picasso’s spirit entered me, staring at the Heavens, secluded in a tinted Jeep”

“I realize my nigga Blue is a reminder of my past like Greek ruins, yet his seed keeps blooming, unaffected by police intrusions, or the street illusions we were consumed wit”

“I’ve even grown away from the people I grew with, who only seem concerned when they need me to do shit, my mood can switch instantly from smooth to ruthless, we ain’t built the same so mind games are useless”

“Times change, like the climate I change, check the forecast, I reign”

“I know at times it gets tough behind penitentiary bars, then once you’re free you realize you’re mentally scarred”

Link to “Shuffle Song Of The Day” Spotify playlist



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