Random Rabbithole: Bo Burnham Videos, Happy 3.14 Apple Pi Day


Listen I was a Bo fan before I knew what half his jokes meant. I remember in this song for instance…

I didn’t know what left hand shame was. I was jerkin off at that point too. Like a lot but I just couldn’t connect the dots and catch a masturbation reference. I was young and immature and stupid but even then without even knowing what half his jokes meant I knew Bo was gonna be somebody. And now he has multiple Netflix specials, is making movies and tv and is a huge name. Credit to me for knowing about him before the mainstream media.

There’s no lie, no way to make this blog funny cuz Bo is just gonna outshine the words on the screen so here’s to the people who are unfamiliar with Bo. And here’s to the people who know how to work YouTube. Couple classics and favorites.

And to finish on the classic, the first one I ever stumbled acros back in 06/07’…

Fo Sho.

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