Shuffle Song Of The Day (3/14/18): “Neighborhoods #2 (Laika)” by Arcade Fire

“Neighborhoods #2 (Laika)” is a song off the 2004 album “Funeral” by Montreal indie rockers Arcade Fire. Whenever I say their name, I can’t help but think of a bunch of screaming kids running out of a burning arcade and it’s kinda fucked up. Anyway, if a song can casually incorporate an accordion into it it’s cool in my book, and Arcade Fire is always pulling ridiculous moves like that. I used to think this song was about some kid who keeps fighting with his parents and running away from home, but I found a more interesting possible meaning online. It’s never been confirmed by the band, but a lot of people think it’s about Chris McCandless, who also went by the name Alexander Supertramp. He was an avid hiker who ventured into the wilderness of Alaska alone one day because he wanted to live in complete isolation. He was found dead from starvation months later, and the movie and book “Into the Wild” are based on his story. The song compares Alexander to Laika, the Soviet space dog that was the first living thing to ever orbit Earth in 1957. The Russians sent Laika into space knowing that she wouldn’t survive, and her experimental flight paved the way for human space travel. It’s kinda fucked up when you really think about the comparison: Both set out on suicide missions and died alone in shitty conditions. If given the choice, I think I would rather go out the way Laika did. I’m gonna assume she died from lack of oxygen or some shit, which would definitely suck, but it sounds like it would be a lot better than freezing/starving to death in Alaska. To each their own I guess. Some people like Coke, some people like Pepsi. Some people like dying from lack of oxygen, some people like dying freezing their ass off with an empty stomach. People just have different tastes, whether it’s deciding what to drink or which horrible way they wanna die.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“Alexander, our older brother, set out for a great adventure, he tore our images out of his pictures, he scratched our names out of all his letters”

“If you want something, don’t ask for nothing, if you want nothing, don’t ask for something”

“Our mother should have just named you Laika, it’s for your own good, it’s for the neighborhood”

“When daddy comes home you always start a fight, so the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights”

Link to “Shuffle Song Of The Day” playlist


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