Shuffle Song of the Day 3/12/18: “Desperados” by The Firm feat. Canibus

Released in 1997, “Desperados” is a song by rap supergroup The Firm off their creatively named first and only album “The Album”, which charted at number 1 upon it’s release. Comprised of Dr. Dre, Nas, AZ, Cormega, Nature, and Foxy Brown, the group was definitely not short on talent. Add a rapper like Canibus to the mix, and you get a great song like “Desperados”.  The only Firm members on this song are AZ and Nature, with Dr. Dre producing the beat of course. Rumor has it that Nas was scheduled to be on this song, but decided not to spit a verse because he didn’t wanna get shown up by Canibus. The song is nothing but good flow and rhymes over a sick guitar sample, and it’s guaranteed to have your head nodding like a junkie who just shot up some good dope. I wish The Firm made more shit together, but I guess they all decided their solo careers were more important than the collaborative group. Atleast every member has plenty of other music out there, and I’ll be forever thankful to them for giving us stuff like this.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“You ever dance with the Devil under the pale moonlight?”

At a thousand degrees celsius I make MC’s melt, fuck my record label I appear courtesy of myself”

“Let me explain how I maintain thresholds for pain, I walk across the sun barefoot looking for shade”

“I’ll rearrange your ribcage like a 12 gauge at close range, and change the position of your brain”

“I’ll scalp you like the indians on horseback, Running Bull will hit you harder than a running back”

“Y’all niggas is wack, rapping over microphone feedback, my intelligence begins where yours peaks at”


Link to my “Shuffle Song of the Day” Spotify playlist


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