Shuffle Song of the Day (3/10/18): “Chinatown” by Jets to Brazil

Today’s shuffle song of the day is a definite change of pace from yesterday. “Chinatown” comes from the 1998 album “Orange Rhyming Dictionary” (Cool name) by NYC indie rock band Jets to Brazil. The band formed in the fallout of punk rock group Jawbreaker’s disbandment, and their frontman Blake Schwarzenbach was tired of punk and wanted to try something different. Aside from the great guitar riff, I think the thing I like most about this song is that it makes absolutely no sense while also managing to have some pretty cool lyrics. At one point, he straight up says “I’m Chinatown”. What the fuck does that even mean? Is there some deeper meaning here, or is he saying that he really is an Asian marketplace filled with fireworks, rub and tugs, gambling, and other questionably legal but pretty awesome attractions? Who knows. Open to interpretation I guess. Like most indie rock bands, Jets to Brazil doesn’t get nearly the credit they deserve, which sucks because they have some pretty solid stuff. I also really wanna know where the hell Blake was getting his weed from, because things that are as creative as “Orange Rhyming Dictionary”, as random as Jets to Brazil, and as confusing as saying “I’m Chinatown” don’t get thought up without strong weed, not a fucking chance. Definitely was as high as a jet to Brazil when he came up with that shit, hence the band name. Lastly, can we end the whole “Nothing rhymes with orange” nonsense? Door hinge *mic drop*

Favorite Lyric(s)

“Be a believer, believe everything, and you’ll be right half the time”

“All of the firefighters put out my fires, took all my matches”

“I’m just a question, knowing my answer, I hope I’m wrong”

“I know the answer, it’s 4 in the morning, I’m right again, I’m Chinatown”

“Most of the killers never get famous, and it’s hard on everyone”

Link to Spotify playlist with every shuffle song of the day





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