Random Rabbithole: Wildboyz Clips

Wildboyz was a nature spinoff of Jackass that I honestly like better than the original show. It starred Steve-O and Chris Pontius, who are easily the best Jackass members besides Johnny Knoxville. The pair traveled the globe and filmed insane stunts with dangerous animals while they were high as shit on coke and painkillers, and the fact that they were able to film 4 seasons without either of them dying is a Festivus miracle. Despite the stupidity of the stunts, the show is actually pretty informative and teaches you a lot about animals. You’ll be sitting there thinking, “Wow, I had no idea that a porcupine’s spikes grew that long, I can’t wait to watch Steve-O sit his bare ass on it”. Unfortunately the whole series isn’t on Youtube, but I was able to find full episodes of it here http://watchwildboyz.blogspot.com if you want to watch all of them. Thankfully, Youtube is loaded with random Wildboyz clips, and I’m gonna post a bunch of my favorites below.

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