Shuffle Song of the Day (3/9/18): “Guaranteed Hot Shit” by 215 Asasinz

So this is a new type of recurring music blog I plan on doing everyday. My library is filled with different shit, and basically I’m gonna hit shuffle and post whatever random song comes on. I love music, and I have a pretty schizophrenic taste. One second I’ll be listening to some 90’s rap like an inner city black guy in between crack sales. Minutes later I’m listening to some emo/pop punk like a 16 year old who hates his parents and cuts himself. The next thing you know I’m listening to some classic rock like a divorced dad in the garage reliving the glory days. My philosophy is if you don’t listen to a lot of different kinds of music, you should pull a Vincent Van Gogh and cut your ears off because you don’t deserve em.

Which brings us to our first ever shuffle song of the day: “Guaranteed Hot Shit” by 215 Asasinz. 215 Asasinz was an underground rap group from Philly that never made it big, but God damn are some of their tracks fire. I stumbled across these guys randomly on Youtube one day and I’ve been hooked to this song ever since. The beat is insane, and the fact that their nameless producer doesn’t get the credit he deserves for this masterpiece is kinda disappointing. Seeing as they never made it out of the underground, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that they continued selling drugs and being hood as shit until they all ended up either dead or in jail. True gangsters, and their legacy will live on through the few people in Philly who bought their CD back in 95 and white kids like me who found them randomly on Youtube one day.

Favorite Lyric(s)

“The only way out is to head my way, and a blind man would have better luck trying to cross the highway”

“So please take a seat to the best thing outta Philly since cheesesteak”

“I’m capable of murder if you take this battle further, mess around and I’ll gun down your town like that hill called hamburger” (A+ Vietnam War reference)

Link to Spotify playlist that has all of the “Shuffle Songs of the Day”




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